My Blog

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This is my personal blog, you can check out the live version here. I write about web development, math and anything I find interesting. You can also check out my personal projects and see that I am currently working on.

Tech Stack


Build time

This website is build with nextjs (v10) and is compiled to static html. At build time my blog posts (written in markdown) are fetched from the file system and the projects readme files are fetched from github (markdown). This information is then rendered into html using react-markdown

RSS feed

When build this sets generates an RSS feed by looking at the markdown files it has in its content folder


If you are on the site you will notice a button at the bottom of the page that says "See spelling errors? Click here to edit the site". When clicked this button allows one to log in with there github, make new branch, and edit the sites content in github (pretty cool). Everything is editable on the site its self so no need to look at a backend CMS. Just simply edit the page inline.

Running locally

Dev Mode

yarn dev

Build the site

yarn build

Start the local server

yarn start