1. Full Stack Software Engineer

    As an open source maintainer of TinaCMS, I built and maintained tools that enhance the developer experience by generating GraphQL schema and client from user configurations. Additionally, I actively supported and ensured the success of the community through Discord while working on implementing and maintaining features in a React Frontend, as well as backend features utilizing AWS services like DynamoDB, S3, and Serverless Stack (SST) for data caching, validation, and business logic.

  2. Data Science Specialist (Machine Learning)

    Utilized machine learning techniques and AWS to develop a document classification model, and successfully classified millions of documents by building a web scraper to extract data from specified websites

  3. Lab / Tutorial Instructor

    I created engaging and informative Python practice problems, delivered them to students, and provided thoughtful and thorough explanations in response to their questions

  4. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Honours)

    Double Major in Computer Science and Math, University of Prince Edward Island